Community Member Expectations
  1. You must be eighteen years of age or older to apply for the server.
  2. Do not use mods which alter game content, such as custom races or custom objects.
  3. Do not be excessively rude or hostile to others. In no such way should you ever attempt to slander, undermine, or verbally abuse another member.
  4. Do not share your login information with anyone.
  5. Erotic or explicit content is forbidden on the server.
Forum and Chat Etiquette
  1. All expectations listed under ‘Community Member Expectations’ are to be met on forums and chatrooms.
  2. The discord has a rules section of its own, make sure to read it before using it.
  3. Content may be removed under the staff’s discretion. Staff may or may not provide the reason for the removal.
Fair Roleplay
  1. Do not Godmod. This is when a player doesn’t allow others to react to their actions or forces actions onto other players. For example: “I shoot u no miss”
  2. Do not Powergame. This is when the skills, attributes, or equipment of a character has little to no flaws this may include impenetrable armor and the ability to dodge bullets.
  3. Do not Metagame. This is when a player uses information they learned out-of-character to their advantage in-character.
  4. Be considerate of others.
  5. No one is the main character. Do not prioritize oneself over another.
  6. Everyone wants to roleplay. Do not neglect another player due to preference.
  7. Winning isn’t the goal, having fun and making an interesting story is!
The Consent Rule
  1. Players can perform violent or criminal actions without consent. However, If a player intends to perform a violent action, the player must provide one of the following:
  2. A warning beforehand (Out-of-character).
  3. A way out during said action (In-character).
  4. Agreement on an outcome beforehand (Out-of-character).
  5. If the reacting player responds with aggression or violence, consent is implied and they must accept injury to their character.
  6. If you feel your character was killed or maimed without proper consent procedure, alert a staff member or file a report.
Character Rules
  1. Characters must be appropriately named. Names like “deathpwner954” are not acceptable. Do not put spaces or color codes in character names.
  2. Characters on the server are to be eighteen years of age or older.
  3. Players are only able to play as vanilla races. This does not include the NPC races. Non-vanilla races require staff approval.
  4. Once characters are dead, they are dead. Any form of cloning or resurrection is not allowed.
  5. Do not roleplay:
    • A fictitious character you do not own. For example, Captain Kirk.
    • As a real person. For example, Ronald Reagan.
    • As active members of a lore faction without staff approval. For example, a member of the USCM.
    • Magic or Superpowers
    • Extremely wealthy or powerful characters without staff approval. For example, a billionaire or the leader of an army.
The Server Rules
  1. Meet the expectations in 'Community Member Expectations'.
  2. The official server lore supersedes Chucklefish's lore in all cases.
  3. Factions and Colonies must be approved by Staff. Factions need four members for a subforum.
  4. Use parentheses or similar indicators when speaking out-of character. For example: ((Hello, I'm not speaking as my character!))
  5. Do not use color codes in any text.
  6. Do not use any unapproved mods on the server.
  7. IG mechanics do not equal IC mechanics. For example, having one thousand durasteel bars in your inventory does not mean your character has those items in-character.
Colony Rules
  1. Colonies with subforums are able to set colony specific consent rules, but the rules must be listed publicly and can not interfere with player to player interactions which do not affect the colony.
  2. Do not destroy, move, or edit any part of a colony without permission of the owner.
Utilizing your Resources
  1. Each player has resources at their disposal to ensure that they are adequately informed or assisted, including these rules and guidelines. The following will go into some detail of these resources. This section may be updated as additional resources become available.
  2. The “Report” link in the navigational heading at the top of the website allows players to communicate with Staff in regards to disputes, misconduct or abuse.
  3. The “Chat” link in the navigation tab allows players to communicate near real-time, including communicating with Staff themselves.
  4. The “Featured Threads” tab appears on the Homepage of the forum, ranging from newest to oldest. These are usually announcements, but may include important info.
  5. In the bottom-right corner of the website, there is a “Help” link which may be clicked that includes useful information as well as these rules and guidelines.
Suspected Staff Abuse
  1. If you suspect that a Staff member may have abused their position to treat you unfairly, gain an advantage, silence you, or otherwise act in a way that is not befitting their authority, please contact one of our Administrators privately for a resolution.
  2. If the suspected abuse concerns one of our Administrators, please contact either the Administrators Smokestack or Haplap privately.
  3. You will never be punished in any way for contacting an Administrator about Staff abuse. Confidentiality will always be kept.

These rules may change at any time accompanied by an announcement indicating their change. It is your responsibility to be familiar with all the rules that pertain to the game you're playing. In the event of a dispute, Staff will determine the situation and the outcome. Staff are people too and as such if you feel that a mistake has been made, you may contact an administrator. Staff reserves the right to remove players who exhibit the following: rule breaking, offensive behavior, belligerence, sociopathy, or general misconduct. Antares Frontier is a website, community, and service provided free of charge. Purchasing account rewards or donating does not entitle anyone to preferential treatment. All funds are recycled back into Antares. See our FAQ or ask questions for more information. By using this website or our services, you agree to these rules and terms.