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Community Member Expectations
  1. Don’t be excessively rude or cruel to others. It’s okay to be critical or to dislike certain things or people, but we expect a certain amount of tolerance from members of the community.
  2. In no such way should you ever attempt to slander, undermine, verbally abuse, or bring physical or emotional harm to any other person, nor should you ever knowingly act in such a way that could indirectly bring about these events.
  3. Never discuss the topics of race, sexuality, identity, belief, philosophy, disability, or any topic in which one or more person(s) may feel uncomfortable. Always cease discussion of aforementioned topic if such discomfort is made known.
  4. You must be eighteen years of age or older to apply for the server due to the mature content that may portrayed on the server and forums. For this same reason, no characters that are portrayed on the server are to be any younger than eighteen years old.
  5. Erotic roleplay is forbidden on the server. If you're determined to do it, do it over something like Steam or Skype. No one wants to hop onto a planet and read that stuff, and our staff certainly don't want to see it when browsing the server logs.
Disagreements with other Players
  1. All disagreements should be attempted to be resolved by the involved parties prior to reaching out for Staff assistance, especially in-character disagreements which should be resolved fully in-character.
  2. In the event that a disagreement is unable to be resolved within a timely fashion, one or more parties should submit a disagreement filing via the reporting system to notify Staff of the dispute. (See Utilizing your Resources)
    • If the disagreement is entirely out-of-character, the involved parties should make their best effort to avoid worsening the disagreement through further argument until Staff can respond. In-character disagreements should suspend the interaction until Staff can conclude the dispute, upon which the roleplay may be continued at a later time or concluded retroactively.
  3. In no such way should either of the involved attempt to alter, worsen, or otherwise change another party's influence, or attempt to gain favor of the Staff, in order to obtain their preferred outcome. Staff will attempt to make a decision using the information available, including server logs if applicable.
  4. If a dispute is resolved by Staff, then such decision is considered final for the purposes of that dispute.
Forum and Chat Etiquette
  1. Always abide by the Behavior and Conduct rules above and use your wisdom, intelligence, and common sense to determine what is appropriate.
  2. Avoid posting non-constructive critique or statements in threads asking for critique or that are currently discussing such.
  3. Use your best judgment to determine where a particular thread should be posted. Typically, thread topics should be vaguely related to the category title. When in doubt, try “General Discussion” for Starbound related posts and “Off-Topic” for anything else.
  4. If you find a thread, post, or chat message (hereto referred as Content) offensive or inappropriate, utilize your resources and click on the “Report” button that is on the Content itself. Don't use the “Report” button in the navigational header for Content reports.
  5. Content may be removed at Staff's discretion if it is determined that the Content: does not contribute to the overall topic, is offensive, is inappropriate, is attempting to incite a negative reaction out of another player(s), or contains spam. You may or may not be notified of Content removal at Staff's discretion.
Character Identity
  1. Never under any circumstance should you ever knowingly allow your own personal feelings, emotions, beliefs, or thoughts influence your characters and their interactions, or your roleplay, in a way that would be counter to how the character would normally behave.
  2. If you suspect that you may be negatively influencing your roleplay, it is encouraged that you take a break from roleplaying until you can resume roleplay in such a way that is true to your character.
  3. Under no circumstance should you attempt to roleplay while inebriated or under the influence of any mind altering or psychedelic substances unless you are fully ready to accept any actions or outcomes that are caused by such substance.
  4. There is to be no roleplay which uses knowledge that the character themselves would not have known unless you as an individual had known. Keep track of what your characters do and do not have knowledge of, and roleplay accordingly. This is a bannable offense if it is determined that out-of-character knowledge was used for in-character actions or statements, also referred to as Metagaming.
  5. Any characters represented on the server should not be taken from other media sources; Characters should be original creations of the player, only drawing inspiration from other media if necessary.
  6. All of the above rules still apply for self-insert characters. Such characters are still to be entirely separate from your real world identity.
Fair Roleplay
  1. Never treat anyone with a higher preference in regards to your roleplay. Never should you ever attempt to alter events in response to a particular person(s) or your feelings towards them.
  2. Do not make assumptions when performing actions with your characters, particularly when involving other characters or players. For example, instead of punching someone, attempt to punch them. Allow reaction and interaction in your roleplay. Failure to do such is known as “Godmodding” (or God Emoting) and, depending on the severity of the offense, can result in a ban.
  3. No character should find themselves perfect or with an abundance of high-tech equipment. Each and every character should be relatively balanced in both their abilities and flaws, as well as their equipment and belongings. Characters should not typically be an impressive display of awesome, they should be depicted as individuals with hopes and dreams. Occasionally a character may have a moment of grandeur or possess a particularly effective or high-tech item, but these moments and possessions must be planned in advance and have been approved by Staff. Failure to roleplay your character in an appropriate and fair manner that is not grossly powerful or exuberant is known as “Powergaming” and, depending on the severity of the offense, can lead to a ban.
  4. Always try to be considerate of others when roleplaying. It’s important that one player does not “hog the limelight” or have their character be the center of attention for a prolonged period of time. Try to allow everyone to enjoy the roleplay and have their own time to shine.
  5. Only ever roleplay as the vanilla races (Apex, Avian, Floran, Glitch, Human, Hylotl, and Novakid) or pre-approved custom characters. Never attempt to play as a custom race or exceptionally unique character without prior approval from Staff.
  6. Consent is not required to perform a violent or hostile action against another player's character; however, it is expected that this action be performed with a way out for all individuals not involving death or serious injury. Only at their persistence to fight back should any harm come to the character. If a player feels their character has been attacked without reasonable cause, staff will perform an investigation and make a decision whether or not this is the case.
Player versus Player
  1. Be realistic with the shots and hits you deal and take. A gunshot to the stomach won’t heal overnight, and a snowball to the visor won’t incapacitate someone. A round to the head will probably kill the character.
  2. When going into combat, it is generally implied that all races are on equal playing fields and should take/deal damage based on equipment rather than racial traits, with few exceptions e.g., Floran bloodlust/Glitch pain tolerance.
  3. Plan out what the end result of the PVP will be if those involved are hesitant to accept a loss. Whether it’s a fight to the death or just a friendly sparring match, no one wants to watch a five hour long battle.
Roleplay Adaptation
  1. Try not to disregard constructive criticism given by a fellow player; If they point out flaws they see in your style or character and give advice for how to solve them, take it into consideration. They aren’t saying it to insult or mock you.
  2. Sometimes things take an unexpected turn in roleplay that we didn’t account for. Try to roll with things as they happen and know that we’re all working together to create a world that’s real. Unless your character is suddenly forced into a life-or-death situation without your consent, there’s no need to pause everything to discuss it out-of-character.
Server Gameplay
  1. Never use color codes in your character name or text, including spoken/written text.
  2. Generally, game mechanics do not equal roleplay mechanics. If you die in the game, that doesn’t mean character death. If you have a million pixels in-game, that doesn’t mean your character should be a millionaire.
  3. Spaces in names are not allowed on the server; They interfere with server commands. Instead, use an underscore if necessary. These can be added in Starcheat or any other save editor.
Claiming Land
  1. A planet not already claimed by another member is free game. Claiming land on a planet someone else laid claim to requires permission by the owner. Assume all planets in a system have been claimed by someone that has already begun building in that system.
  2. Like Rome, colonies are not built in a day. It takes time and resources to build. If your character has no reasonable source of materials and/or pixels, they shouldn’t be building a city.
  3. Once a colony is granted a colony subforum, colony owners are allowed to define colony-specific consent rules for players to follow while on their colony. These consent rules may disregard the above, server-wide consent rule, but they only take affect on the colony owner's territory. These consent rules must be displayed in a publicly accessible location on the forums and include a list of all affected planets.
Faction/Group Behavior
  1. Do not acquire equipment/funds/personnel through an out-of-sector company only your faction has access to without permission from staff. This does not apply to small-scale acquisitions. For example, being loaned five hundred pixels once is alright; Daily loans of five hundred pixels is not.
  2. Don’t use in-character power to influence out-of-character interactions e.g., Threatening to attack a colony or kill a character because you dislike the player behind them.
  3. Transparency is expected from all factions and colonies. If you’ve been approved by staff and have received a colony or faction forum, keep some sort of acquisitions thread to document what pixels and equipment you acquire, and where you got them from.
Starbound Economics
  1. Economics may be handled on a per-colony basis. It will be up to colony owners to decide what’s most and least abundant on their colonies.
  2. Come to an agreement with all involved before proceeding with roleplay involving purchases or finances. Use your best judgement to price goods that are produced or sold by your character/faction/colony.
  3. Characters should not start out with hundreds of thousands of pixels. Poverty isn’t a requirement, but be reasonable with your funds. If your character was rich in their backstory, come up with an explanation for how they lost their wealth rather than saying they’re just better off than most others.
Reporting Misconduct
  1. Please refer to Utilizing Your Resources for more information on how to report misconduct. This section provides an overview of the different types of misconduct that may be reported and their criteria.
  2. Abuse – This includes verbal abuse, threats of real world physical violence (including death threats), textual abuse, or otherwise any interactions in which another player is causing you to feel bad by their statements or actions.
  3. Griefing – This includes destruction of player property, unwarranted, obnoxious, or inappropriate instrument playing (especially after being requested to stop), or other actions that disrupt roleplaying and worsen the experience for other players.
  4. Harassment – This includes sexual, verbal, or textual harassment, such as consistent slander, insults, stalking, or other repetitive upsetting behavior.
  5. Poor Roleplay – This includes behavior that defies contextual logic, disruptively poor grammar or spelling, any rule breaking actions, pressuring others into circumstances, or other actions that deteriorate the overall quality of the roleplay.
  6. PGM – Powergaming, Godmodding, Metagaming. See Character Identity sub-section 4 and Fair Roleplay subsections 2 and 3.
  7. Other – This includes anything else not adequately covered by the above topics.
Suspected Staff Abuse
  1. If you suspect that a Staff member may have abused their position to treat you unfairly, gain an advantage, silence you, or otherwise act in a way that is not befitting their authority, please contact one of our Administrators privately for a resolution.
  2. If the suspected abuse concerns one of our Administrators, please contact the Server Owner (Angre) privately.
  3. You will never be punished in any way for contacting an Administrator about Staff abuse. Confidentiality will always be kept.

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