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[APB] Unidentified Woman Beaten and Abducted on Fernbrook Colony

Discussion in 'StarNet News' started by CBN News, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. CBN News

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    Nov 17, 2016
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    Ophelia & Virgo
    Unidentified Woman Beaten and Abducted on Fernbrook Colony
    UGF: A new threat?

    By Richard Fixon
    July 16, 2417: 5:30 PM GST

    Early this evening, an unidentified woman was witnessed being assaulted by a group assumed to represent members of the ‘UGF’, a faction whom have only recently become active in the COV fringe.

    COV Authorities & The MRB have requested that all citizens report any information that may lead to this woman's rescue, as well as information regarding the UGF itself. Authorities advise citizens to remain cautious, as those involved appear to be hostile and dangerous.


    A picture of (Carmen) that is slightly obscured by those standing around her. She appears to be held on the ground, her face battered and bloody

    Footage submit by an off duty MRB agent shows what is assumed to be the end of a gruesome assault by several unconfirmed members or associates of the UGF. Viewer discretion is advised.


    The footage begins just as one individual (Kathyerine) is wrestled off of the unidentified woman’s body (Carmen) by the masked figure (Alexander). Moments later, the man in a tuxedo (Aleksandr) stomps upon her head - and the agent bearing the camera begins moving closer. A Voice belonging to one ‘Blaire Winchester’ suddenly calls out from adjacent to the camera, ordering the crowd to stop what they’re doing as she identifies herself as an agent with the MRB. The man (Aleksandr) then hauls the jane doe (Carmen) up and begins to depart with her, ignoring the MRB Agent’s demands to stop. As the two figures (Kathyerine & Inhibito_Unknown) move closer in attempt to block the agent’s view and distract her with vague, subtle threats to ‘turn around and find something more interesting’. The video ends.

    The agent states they were ill equipped to deal with the situation properly. Additional information provided reveals that a local establishments, ‘The Taproot Tavern’ had suffered intensive damage moments prior. We are unaware if the destruction was the result of faulty facilities, or a deliberate attack. It is uncertain whether the UGF, or our unidentified woman is responsible.

    Regardless of those responsible, the UGF demonstrated a distinct lack of respect for civil rights & COV authority. The MRB has, as of now, identified those within the UGF as a threat to citizens of the COV, and warn all colonial bodies to be wary of their presence. It is recommended that independent security forces apprehend those affiliated with the UGF and inform a local MRB field operations centre immediately.
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    ...What even is the UGF? And what does a mercenary review board have to do with them? Isn't it more the issue of something that isn't actually named the mercenary review board? I must not be very informed if I don't think it's the place for their interference.

  3. Tsunomics

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    Jul 10, 2017
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    Dear CBN ,
    The person we have captured is no longer a threat , they have destroyed the tavern with a remote controlled device , set on their phone . This is coming from the eyes of UGF , I assure you that we are not the threat here and that we have taken care of the person who has destroyed the property of Fernbrook . We are sorry for the images you provide , slandering our name when you haven't seen what she was capable of doing . She had planted bombs for us ( My Asset and I ) to stay in , after we had left , we luckily manage to catch her . By all means , I know what my assets saw this morning , and they did their best to give not only your protection from future events that may lead up to the end of COV or MRB , but saved other factions that can help out and save the people from becoming the wild west . We did what we must have done , what was good for the people , I'm hoping you will do the same as we did for others .
    Yours Truly,

  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Neither of these groups have authority to act. Nobody report to either of these groups, as they have no power on this settlement. Fernbrook Fields are neither in COV Space nor are they in the Core. It's just another case of groups overstepping boundaries with their arbitrary 'authority.' How many times will this mistake be made before people realize? Just let the locals handle local affairs.
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Furthermore, 'CBN' has no reason to provide this story, as, again, Fernbrook Fields does not exist within Council Space. Is there really nothing more interesting happening within the vast expanse of your own territory?
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    you're late to the party. issue was resolved ages ago apparently.
    not only that but you need to read the article again. concern wasn't with the settlement itself but the fact that this group went and performed a blatant kidnapping before taking them off world in front of a someone working with the council by extension.

    emphasis on off world. it kind of stops becoming the locals issue when they're interstellar and apparently frequent COV territory.

    call it overstepping boundaries - what it is is just "international justice."
    just because people hop the borders doesn't make it someone else's problem.
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    The issue I'm pointing out isn't that someone was kidnapped by terrorists. The issue is there are two groups both claiming to have the right to intervene where they have no power. Whether this person works 'for the council' does not matter since they are outside of COV space, therefore out of their jurisdiction to act.

    'Justice' served by self-righteous pricks who think their badge is a crown isn't justice I can subscribe to. I hate to break it to you all, but this far out in space, we are living in the 'Wild West.' I know the MRB likes to preach about 'going through the proper channels,' but I didn't see nor did I hear anything about warrants. Unfortunately for these enforcement groups, yes, hopping the border does make it someone else's problem.
  8. Oak

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    Sep 1, 2017
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    So, in conclusion, just another day on the fringe?