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CBN: Trade Hangups Near Borders

Discussion in 'StarNet News' started by CBN News, Nov 17, 2016.

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    Nov 17, 2016
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    By: Hank Hilluck
    November 17, 2416: 9:05 PM GST

    Increased piracy near border checkpoints stems flow of goods to Fringe
    Border Checkpoint Vg16 has come under pressure from pirates and Council authorities are preventing any civilian vessels from passing through the area, sources say. While pirate attacks are not uncommon in this area, an alarming increase and attack on the border led to it closing down earlier today.

    Six pirate vessels attacked the border station at around 4:30 AM GST, causing millions of pixels worth of damage to ships, equipment, and cargo. Security forces were able to repel the pirates without any deaths, only the loss of three vessels and minor damages to the station itself. "We're fortunate the losses were light," an anonymous officer commented after the attack.

    The local Council forces issued an official statement, claiming they would tighten up on security and clear a safe passage out as soon as possible. The station is on alert for any further threats and protection escorts are being arranged until Council forces can remove the threat properly.

    Despite the temporary holdup on goods, experts say there won't be any issues with supply. The Vg16 is not the only route into the Fringe, meaning supplies are far from entirely cut off. The most Fringe residents should expect is a small, temporary jump in prices.​