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Core Worlds Business Daily Article #124 4/11/2017 (Earth Time)

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    New Threat Arises in Remote Transactions

    The rising number of reversed transactions within the business world is being perpetrated not by skilled hackers, but by the average frontiersman engaging in regular store-based transactions. With the use of stamped credit chips and authorized marketing vendor machines to ensure all transactions are followed through, these workarounds help to keep the economy flowing, but sometimes it can slip through the cracks.

    “It started as a one-off thing; you know, do it so I can pay for my family to eat and survive another day... but after that one time, I kept doing it. Charging back the money I spent felt so good, it was like everything was free. It caught up with me when the police found me and brought me to jail... I had to pay for all the things I stole with a fine slapped on. It’s like my world came crashing down, thinking I was king but only some sort of peasant.”

    Cases like this seem almost nonexistent nowadays in the core worlds. Although the issue has been dealt with in the inner sanctum of council space, the real issue is arising in the fringe, where the extent of economic law is cut off and mass printed counterfeit pix is running rampant in the already poor state of the frontier. Unlike the core worlds, the frontier lacks any real banking system or way to enforce the law, so things like this counterfeit money and charge backs are a real problem for those trying to make a business in new territory.

    Even though the issue has been prominent for years now, it’s only being brought to light as increasingly companies bring investitures to the fringe, expanding horizons and wallets, only to find even more crooked people living among the stars other than themselves.

    Aggregated from CWBD (Core Worlds Business Daily)

    Written by Tina Smyrna

    Published by Antares Times
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