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IC [event] Request Assistance. People In Trouble.

Discussion in 'Ttha' started by Tacoburger, Feb 10, 2018.

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    A message appears on a publicly broadcasted signal across the sector. On screen, a figure clad in what appears to be some sort of local garb of the planet Ttha, colored in atypical blue and yellow flavors. His hands move to his sides, as if they were mechanical, robotic. He speaks in the common galactic tongue with semi-broken pronunciation, but clear and understandable lingual phonetics.

    "To all space-faring outsiders. Today the Oukan of planet Ttha have received a message for help. We have decided that in order to promote continued relations with the outsider folk of this galactic sector, we send out a plea for assistance in the restoration of a local settlement planet-side that has been decimated in what seems to be a unprecedented attack. What has baffled us is the ones who sent the message have been considered lately as the 'enemy', so it were. The Sayaab known as Pokla delivered us this call, which we will play back now:"

    A rather robotic voice comes on, audible, and even more broken than the last one's tongue.

    "Our people do not know who have committed this act, but we plea for help so that these people do not suffer and die a horrible death to whatever may come next. Their walls, their defenses, their food stocks, all destroyed in what we can only assume was a dirty attack from the sky. We cannot make assumptions as to who did it, but we do know that we cannot stay ourselves to help, and have sent this message in the hopes that the good willed people of the Oukan send aid to these grid coordinates."

    The message delivers a sequence of beeps, most likely some sort of encrypted code. The original speaker comes back on.

    "The people known as AFIF have continued their efforts to provide aid to our planet, even in light of negative outsider interference surface-side. We believe AFIF need the help of outsiders, more than our people do. We will be seeing that they reach their destination safely in ground force, as their air vehicles cannot pass to the area from what we assume is some sort of surface to air missile sites. Do not delay, as we have a limited time window before a storm cuts off our passage quickly and safely to the region. We will be meeting in Berhkaut's eastern region; our sector. Be safe."

    The message cuts off.

    (refer to the event thread: https://www.antaresroleplay.com/threads/search-and-restore-ttha-event.13461)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.