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Discussion in 'StarNet News' started by Anonymous, Oct 28, 2016.

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    [This report is brought to you by [REDACTED], a loyal Ministry news network reporting on happenings across the sectors.]

    In what seemed like an effortless strike, agents of the 114th Ministry Cleanser Division pinpointed and led a swift and brutal attack on a derelict Ministry radio station, re-purposed to be a resting stop for rebel cells on the run from the righteous clutches of justice, and taking the guise of a mediocre music station. This attack, glorious as it was, would not have happened were it not for the valiant eyes of the 84th Reconnaissance Corps, and an uncloaked ship of Apex rebels drunk on banana cider.

    Losses on the side of the 114th are: one entire Ministry ship, agent #923084932 "Ivanov Bananovich"

    The aforementioned criminals listed who have been brought to justice will be named, and their remains, along with their relatives and friends, will be donated to science and the greater good. These shameful Apex were on the run from our most loyal and vigilant soldiers, and decided to celebrate at the asteroid bunker of the radio station. Their ID's, despite their attempts of erasure, were backed up in a criminal database before they were even born. PRAISE BIG APE.

    Apex #2340732894 - "Petra Andreevna"

    Apex #8348372283 - "Gorlov Borosovich"

    Apex {ID UNKNOWN} - "Mugin Makarovich"

    Apex {ID UNKNOWN} - "Sterlin Artemov"

    Apex #384298338ab - "Antonov Victorovich"

    The ship was salvaged by the agents, who found a leather-bound journal sheltered from the onslaught that detailed the exploits of a fugitive wanted by the Ministry. Our sources say that these logs could have been the work of wanted felon Yury Federoff, an IDless Apex who was at fault for the re-purposing of the station. Through extensive and thorough salvaging of the satellite, the reports show that he had escaped, commandeered a Miniknog vessel, and launched himself into deep space. The tracker was offline after about 2 weeks ago, but showed that the ship's last location was inside the Thormium Minoris system.

    The Ministry has reinstated the bounty on his life, setting the price to be 5000 in pixels, 10000 if he is alive and well, (7000 if his brain is still intact). Any past bounties on Mr. Federoff have been declared null and void. If one happens to have succeeded in the capture or death of either Yury or his brain, contact the Ministry's 45th Frontier Patrol Regiment.

    Good day.
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    Good man
    (I fucken loooooold! Apex have an russian names xD)