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KMB: Mining Site Slaughtered

Discussion in 'StarNet News' started by Aggrosk, Jan 18, 2017.

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    Dec 29, 2016
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    A song would begin as soon as the broadcast went up onto the air.
    ( )
    As soon as the words came around "Kiss My Bass." a few seconds would roll onward past that then the music would fade into the background as a male's voice came on. "Our little duckies and birdies caught some news on the wind and what we got was some freak witness claiming that some reptiles came out of now where and slaughtered all of his buddies, two unnamed individuals seemed to /heroically/ come to the rescue, conveniently enough. And it goes on about how there was some giant lizard thing, blah, blah blah, there's not a lot of things to say about it, the guy was shooken up, the two unnamed individuals were paid afterward, then of course all the bodies recovered. Atleast in my mind, they sure won't be trying to mine there anytime soon, damn lizards man." He chuckled a bit "Anyways, back onto the broadcast and remember if someone says 'this music sucks!' just say 'Kiss My Bass.' " The studio cuts off as the background music then transitioned to the now new playing music.
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