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Discussion in 'StarNet News' started by Anonymous, Jan 28, 2017.

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    <When you go to one of the news sites, instead of the news you see a single page with a single image. If you click on the word "truth" that starts playing a video clip.>

    >They're silent because they don't want to show you the TRUTH
    After pressing the play button, you can watch a video about the protests on the Colemine 6, in the demand of people to reconsider the amendments concerning tax for traders on delivery to remote colonies, which are under the jurisdiction of the Council. This colony is one of the closed shift cities to develop mineral deposits located on the fifth planetoid in the Yankar star system. The population of 75 thousand people, some living for several generations. Clip lasts 14 minutes 43 seconds. Date 28.12.
    At first show at the demonstrators, who speak about the increasing complexity of life in the colony at the house of the governor. At the 8 minute you can hear that someone said to the operator that someone arrived to spaceport, and police strengthening their positions. Video stopped. The video is played back on the moment when the governor declares that the laws of the Counsil aren't subject to cancellation, and communication channels are isolated completely, all hope the only physical mail. The video ends and begins, the red text on a black background.

    >This is not the only colony closed from the public.
    >However, they tried to make themselves known.
    >The annex is a petition to Admiral Jefferson with a request to influence the law.
    >However, the petition was dismissed in the electronic document management system.