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Sub accounts.

Discussion in 'Announcements and Information' started by Squid245, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. Squid245

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    Mar 13, 2017
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    So, as I see it, there have been some issues with the sub accounts. Without a major explanation to their workings. So, I'm going put that here for those who might be confused as to how complicated they truly are. Which I assure you they are not.

    First off. The first thing you want to do is hover your mouse over your username next to the inbox and alerts tab. You will see the menu for your profile pop up. at the bottom most to the left, you will see the Sub-Accounts selection. Of course click on it, then you will be sent to an account creation screen. Now, you will only need to put something in the name slot, Any of the other text boxes (example, Email.) can be left empty. Only the name of the account is needed, click save. then notify Me on the discord or here of the name of that sub-account and I will get it's permissions set.

    Once that is all complete and set up. You go to the top of the screen and hover over the Login as User tab. Then select what IC account you want to use. You can switch back to your primary Forum account by doing the same thing but with a separate tab that will be highlighted in red with the name of what Sub-account you are logged into.

    Keep in mind. You can have as many accounts for your characters as you like. Though please keep one account per character. Anonymous accounts can be used for multiple characters. Just keep in mind it will still link to you OOCly.

    (Please keep in mind it is supposed to auto accept without my intervention to set permissions. This is a glitch in the forum that unfortunately the forum designer must fix.)