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Sunsuhan Bada: Fringe Direct product announcement

Discussion in 'StarNet News' started by Sakai, Jul 14, 2017.

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    07/07/2417 (SGT+04)

    Sunsuhan Bada are pleased to officially announce the release of its new program, Sunsuhan Bada Fringe Direct, delivering a vast range of imported retail products from the Core systems at competitive prices to the door of locals of the Fringe. As part of the subsidiary corporation’s commercial expansion plans into uncharted territory, Sunsuhan Bada Fringe Direct is the first of its kind in the turbulous sectors that makes up the Fringe, utilizing autonomous drones and starships to make up for a lack of reliable shipping infrastructure to deliver products on-demand.

    “I am pleased that Sunsuhan Bada can bring wealth and comfort to the Fringe and its people, and conversely, share the Fringe’s wealth to the rest of civilization.” said Yurei Shio, senior executive officer of Sunsuhan Bada’s enterprise resource planning division. “We have many investors who have shown great interest in the untapped markets of the Fringe, great enough interest to fund the Sunsuhan Bada Fringe Direct program, and by association, the people of the Fringe, into being connected with the greater galactic community.”

    Sunsuhan Bada’s proven methodology of importing goods using autonomous vehicles and usage of remote holographic salesrooms as part of an immersive customer experience on the same freighter offers high levels of viability and promising prospects for building its business infrastructure as well as the infrastructure of the Fringe itself. A report released by Sunsuhan Bada reveals the efficiency of their low-cost, high-profit autonomous customer experience and delivery system, with robust anti-tamper systems projecting stock losses in the unstable region to be as low as 4.3%.

    Customer benefits:

    • Delivery of retail products on demand normally unavailable - Sunsuhan Bada, with its access to investors, industry experts and equipment through its holding corporation, intends to leverage its reach to deliver products normally scarce or unavailable from every branch to the population of the Fringe.

    • Rich customer experience solutions tailored to the customer, for the customer - Sunsuhan Bada understands the varying economic statuses of various worlds in the Fringe, and intend to deliver a custom tailored solution to each customer through its autonomously deployed salesrooms.

    • Establishment of future infrastructure - The Sunsuhan Bada Fringe Direct program will ultimately pave the way for future delivery and import infrastructure that will reduce future operational costs, improve delivery times, and bring about an improved quality of life to the people of the Fringe.
    Customer challenges and solutions:

    As a subsidiary corporation that is new to the Fringe, Sunsuhan Bada faces the challenge of establishing a foothold in a sector commonly seen in the galactic community as chaotic and economically unfeasible. Sunsuhan Bada brings to the table some of the galaxy’s best market experts as well as business connections across the stars made available through FTL telecommunications. Sunsuhan Bada is committed to upholding high standards of professionalism and ethical economic practice, regardless of the political climate.

    Sunsuhan Bada is set to focus on the ambitious process of delivering retail products to the foreign market. It will address how Sunsuhan Bada Fringe Direct will become a dominant market force in the sector, creating prosperity and uplifting the quality of life in a region where corruption and lack of security is rife.

    Sunsuhan Bada representatives conducting market research and public relation campaigns are expected to be operating in the Fringe within the month in the first stage of the product deployment.

    Issued by:

    Sunsuhan Bada Public Relations division


    Shiroi Arashi, Sunsuhan Bada, senior public relations officer

    Kasumi Shimada, Sunsuhan Bada, senior marketing officer

    Saiyashi Kakikesu, Sunsuhan Bada, senior security officer