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General The Multinational Regulations Bureau, MRB

Discussion in 'Setting' started by L.O.R.I.E., Oct 1, 2017.

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    Oct 5, 2016
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    The Multinational Regulations Bureau

    The Multinational Regulations Bureau (MRB) is a supplementary service organization situated across the Milky Way. While their network coverage is large, their resources & personnel are spread thin within it. Founded by Harvey P. Jamieson (Terran) in 2343, the MRB began as a small scale security freelance agency, providing a platform in which the common man could acquire reliable & qualified contractors for honest and legal security work. The MRB was quick to establish a trustworthy reputation. The occupational title ‘mercenary’ had long since acquired a sour stigma, associated with cutthroats & violent felons who’d stab any back for extra pay. The MRB solved this issue with high scrutiny and procedure, demanding the utmost of their associates through contract and protocol.

    By the year 2357, the MRB had grown 200,000 large and spread across the primary nebula. With a steady flow of revenue from active freelancers & donations from grateful beneficiaries, Harvey contemplated bigger and better things. In an ever hostile universe, civilian safety was at the forefront of his mind. With a slow & steady administrative transition, The Mercenary Review Board was given a new name, and a new identity. The Multinational Regulations Bureau sought to arbitrate diplomacy & law amongst a vast network of participating independents. The Mercenary Review Board still remained as a child to its parent, offering the same solution to an age old problem. Confusion between the identical acronyms is common among the uninformed. Most simply refer to the child as the Review Board (RB).

    As of 2417, the MRB has cemented itself as a reliable, neutral arbiter beyond affiliation and external influence. With nearly 3,000,000 employees & operatives, and over 10,000 independents offering full cooperation, the Multinational Regulations Bureau hopes to provide many millennia worth of mental comfort and security to civilians across the galaxy.

    The MRB offers supplementary aid & services to existing criminal response entities as requested. They do not usurp authority from compliant independents, only offer alternatives or assistance. If a compliant independent lacks the resources or means to investigate or neutralize a threat to civilian safety, the MRB will oversee investigation and execution. Beyond fundamental civil rights, the MRB refrains from imposing their own ideals upon local law.

    Any nation, government, colonial effort, or otherwise is fully entitled to cooperative partnership with the MRB. Partnership may be terminated at anytime if desired, at which point MRB facilities will be reclaimed & any convicts will be released to local authority, unless beyond local jurisdiction. By partnering with the MRB, independants gain access to their vast diplomatic & commerce channels. MRB partnerships have a miniscule sustainability cost per capita.

    Among criminal response & law enforcement, the MRB will often also provide safe passage to refugees fleeing war stricken space, escort high profile individuals/cargo, and gather local cluster counter-terrorism intelligence.

    The MRB is split into several administrative divisions, each with their own Executive Associate Director.

    MRB Intelligence Branch,
    Executive Associate Director Morgan Venas

    MRB Intergalactic Security Branch,
    Executive Associate Director Jonathan Wales

    MRB Criminal, Cyber, Response, and Services Branch,

    Executive Associate Director Lindsay Collenfield

    MRB Science and Technology Branch,
    Executive Associate Director Margo Bellens

    MRB Information and Technology Branch,
    Executive Associate Director William McDopplin

    MRB Human Resources Branch,
    Executive Associate Director Jacqulyn Montgomery

    The MRB follows a branching hierarchy structure, with most operatives sharing equivalent title & status outside the scope of a particular role or field.

    Special Agent
    A temporary title applied to specialists aiding investigations alongside accompanying agents.

    MRB agents make up the majority of MRB operatives.

    Assistant Director
    An agent whom is either leading an organized task force, or overseeing an MRB operations center.

    Executive Associate Director
    The head of a particular MRB administrative branch. Reports directly to the Deputy Director.

    Deputy Director
    Jennifer Lox
    Oversees administrative divisions and handles most internal affairs.

    Anthony Coney
    Oversees the MRB and major external affairs.

    Most, if not all MRB agents are promoted through the Review Board after demonstrating exceptional performance & respect for the code of conduct. After a few years of active duty within the Review Board, individuals are offered the opportunity to step away from freelance security work and join the Multinational Regulations Bureau. Recruits are required to attend a 2 year training session at the MRB Academy, with accommodated amenities. MRB benefits include dental plans, health insurance, life insurance, home insurance, ship insurance, psychiatric aid, and a pension.

    Trust, Dedication, Dependability
    The Mercenary Review Board

    The Mercenary Review Board, Review Board, or RB, is the entry level branch of the Multinational Regulations Bureau. The RB continues to provide reliable & trustworthy freelance security services to a wide variety of employers; from individuals to corporations. Those within the RB’s employ are officially known as Associates, but often given a variety of unofficial titles. Contractor, Freelancer, Mercenary, etc.

    Associates are free to take on any contract they deem fit or interesting in their immediate area through the RB contract distribution portal (CDP); a digital bulletin board virtually accessible through any official RB account. Associates whom complete & satisfy employers regularly are often given quarterly bonuses. Employers may select any willing Associate from a pool of interested candidates after reviewing their statistics, training, and satisfaction rating.

    If an Associate violates the MRB code of conduct, they will face immediate termination.
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