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[TRN] Even Refract Valley isn't Safe from the Frontier

Discussion in 'StarNet News' started by Anonymous, Apr 2, 2017.

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    Bringing you the latest from Humanity's reach for the frontier

    Courtesy of Refract Valley

    Refract Valley is often toted as the Fringe Zone's "safest colony". It offers many services often found missing in many of the colonial efforts that attempt to find refuge on many frontier worlds. The colony, very nearly a city now, offers locations for purchasing supplies, shops for a variety of tastes, a library, two newly developed gymnasiums, and even a school for teaching the young. Many colonies fail to survive long enough to enjoy these amenities, and the colony receives a great deal of traffic.

    Terror still finds a way, however. As Refract Valley finds itself growing larger, many of the Frontier's seedier elements find the colony, which lost a severe amount of its security force recently, the perfect target. In the last month, Refract Valley has endured several attacks, almost all being hostage situations. On one occasion, one of the hostages was one of the colony's security team. Some citizens of Refract Valley are concerned that the colony is spending more money on infrastructure than it's security team. "I would say that they aren't really properly armed to do their job. They need to either focus on scaring criminals away with lethal weapons or pacify criminals with non-lethals," said Aure, a business owner on Refract Valley. "They get both and training for neither."

    Refract Valley's security team isn't known for its professionalism. In fact, it's hardly known who is on the security team, and who isn't. "It's supposed to be pretty large, but the security team isn't easy to see. You're more likely than not to know who is security until they whip out a gun," said Aure. A recent situation on the colony, where a citizen ended up shooting and wounding a captured Floran in the colony's Civic Center, found an avian member of the colony's administration team waving a weapon at fleeing individuals. The member of the administration was impersonating an officer of the colony. This information was relayed by a member of the fleeing group, who asked not to be named.

    Concerned citizens find the expensive architecture and expansion of the colony to be detrimental to its growth. As criminal organizations begin to encroach upon the colony, humans and xenos alike emigrate to seek new homes. "I'm developing a new colony because I'm in the belief people need new homes, with better security options in mind (after) seeing so many attacks, after seeing (so many colonies) go down," said Serpentine, a long time resident of the Frontier.

    Only time will tell if Refract Valley can develop a new approach, or join the many dead settlements among the Fringe.
    DISCLAIMER: Thanks to the staff at Refract Valley, we were made aware of typos in our article. TRN strives to be the best in news, and edited the mistakes to our best ability.

    Written by Jarren Thomas
    April 2 2417
    Terrak Rim Times
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    <Achey Breaky> has posted in the comment section!

    this article really speaks to my soul and all of that crap. sweet piece, jarren
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    It's funny that an up and coming colony can't even secure their own people's safety. Get better security, people!