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[TRN] Refract Nuclear Incident

Discussion in 'StarNet News' started by Anonymous, Apr 6, 2017.

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    Refract Valley, a fringe colony which has recently found itself under criticism for security and leadership concerns, experienced a major health and safety breach this Wednesday. An anonymous source told TRN that an undisclosed number of individuals disassembled a robot, leaving hazardous, contaminating nuclear material out in the open where anyone could find it.

    According to our source, who wishes to remain anonymous, a small group of persons were walking the streets of Refract late this Wednesday afternoon. They reportedly stopped at the Valley's flower shop, disassembling a nuclear powered robot. They then used the fuel rod from the robot to contaminate the area before retreating off into the night. Unfortunately, none of the suspects could be identified in our investigation.

    While the nature of this incident is not malicious, it could leave a lasting impact on the environment and health for Refract Valley. Radiation is a highly dangerous contaminant which can cause a number of adverse effects in people, such as cancer and radiation sickness, both of which can be fatal. The soil can also be ruined, becoming inhospitable to plants, rendering the land worthless for years. The clean up for a nuclear accident can be quite costly and time consuming, so TRN recommends compliance with Refract Valley personnel in avoiding the threat until it is properly contained.

    This sort of intrusion of safety is what many Refract citizens were concerned about, and this incident is a startling look into the true situation that the colony is in. Is Refract truly safe, as it seems? It remains to be seen.

    Written by Harold Adams
    April 5 2417
    Terrak Rim Times