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[TRN] Refract Valley Releases Press Statement

Discussion in 'StarNet News' started by Anonymous, Apr 3, 2017.

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    Omega Legion IV - Courtesy of Refract Valley

    Refract Valley released a press release regarding an investigative article written by the Terrak Rim Times today. Colonial Governor Raybina Primfeather's press release focused on discounting investigative reports made by Terrak Rim Times, and reinforcing their interest in respecting the interests of the citizenry, and discounting professional journalism. Governor Primfeather stated on several occasions in the release that Refract Valley does not "tolerate crime", and welcomes transparency.

    Governor Primfeather stated the individual responsible for engaging a Floran on Refract was "banned". This is not the case. Eyewitness reports show this same individual performing community service on the colony. At the same time, eyewitness reports state that the situation revolving around the shooting of the Floran by this individual began when the Floran attacked. "Plant stabbed (them) with some bone (sic). (They) turned around and put a (sic) hole in its stomach," said Jack Blisk, the previous chief of security for Refract Valley. While Mr. Blisk was unaware of the Florans citizenry to the colony, the Floran has been seen directly interacting with Governor Raybina and her fellow colonial staff, Mr. Zeyphr and Ms. Mairi. The Floran has not been evicted from the colony.

    The injured individual declined to make a statement.

    As the injured individual attempted to leave the colony after the incident, after being denied medical service, the bodyguard of Governor Raybina, known only as Ziggy, attempted to stop them. Contrary to the press release by Governor Raybina, eyewitness reports from the group attempting to leave the colony stated that Ziggy acted in a "threatening" manner. He was armed with a handgun. The individuals represented no threat to the colonial government.

    Governor Raybina stated that the colony has only had a single security official leave their force in the past month and a half. This is also false. Previous Refract Valley Chief of Security left the force after a slew of "disagreement with higher ups, and disagreement with how (he) was managed." Another security official, known as Krieg, also left the force.

    In addition, Governor Raybina states that her security personnel "wear badges, clearly visible, and uniforms." This is directly contrary to the statement of Mr. Aure, a businessman on Refract Valley. Mr. Aure stated, "(The security team is) supposed to be pretty large, but the security team isn't easy to see. You're more likely than not to know who is security until they whip out a gun." There appears to be a disconnect between citizens of the colony, and its government.

    Misinformation continues to grow between the Refract Valley government and its citizenry. Only time will tell what will come of the colony.


    Written by Sally Figeuroa
    April 3 2417
    Terrak Rim Times
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