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IC United Galactic Federation

Discussion in 'United Galactic Federation' started by Tsunomics, Aug 3, 2017.

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    Jul 10, 2017
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    United Galactic Federation :
    The United Galactic Federation ( UGF ) was passed down by a family of generations, soon becoming an empire. We have served under the Grand Emperor, and have been given wealth, opportunity, pride and Utopia on a world brought together. We will cherish the moment we rise to power, expanding our territory, freeing its inhabitants, and creating an unstoppable union. For many years, we have waited for a moment as such, and now is the time for everyone to know what the United Galactic Federation is, and what we stand for. "Coniungere nobis."

    Whats Our Plan
    We will not be held under and rot as the Council stands and watches, bellowing at us. We bring wealth, Prosperity, and unity; we do not serve under the Council, rather, we will serve for its inhabitants in the Fringe. We will have established supremacy, and a new sanctum for all to thrive, once we have settled in throughout the systems, we will establish a new and well treated front. For all who oppose the UGF will see how well treated our people are; our troops serve to protect. Our technology research will improve your living, and our military campaigns in which we conquer new planets, will secure the Fringe, and provide new areas for you to settle in. We will reform the currency, trades and businesses to a much better process. Centralized production and trade, ensuring all people get exactly what they need. We will provide the best care and attention what the galaxy needs most.

    What Will UGF Provide :
    Military and police protection from any and all internal and external threats on all colonies,
    Decent Living Standards, opportunity to start businesses fairly funded by UGF,
    Military & Police training, advanced shared research,
    progressive development of colony and research funded and protected by UGF.

    Applications :
    Applications are private and secured on a private channel.
    ( Discord : https://discord.gg/7pwccGt )
    Safety for both UGF and the citizens,
    "Coniungere nobis."

    Needed Jobs :
    Medical Team

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